Update Ionic1 poject to new @ionic/cli-plugin-ionic1″: “2.0.0”

I had updated my Ionic Cli to V3.

Now how could I serve my Ionic1 projects?

ionic info is your friend

It added to package.json

 "devDependencies": {
 "@ionic/cli-plugin-gulp": "1.0.1",
 "@ionic/cli-plugin-ionic1": "2.0.0",

so now I could

npm install
ionic serve

and be informed about missing files

  • ionic.config.json //Based on ionic.project
  • jsconfig.json //containing empty object {}
  • www/lib/ionic/version.json //Copy of bower.json


 "name": "ionCrawling",
 "app_id": "",
 "type": "ionic1",
 "watchPatterns": [

When you open the project in VSCode also a lot of .vscode files containing types are generated.

You should now be able to ionic serve.

Disclaimer: This blog is written a week after I did that update, so I am a little unsure which of the tools generated or revealed what.

The End.

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