Markdown SaaS Blogs

Updated 2017-09-29

I’ve been thinking about getting a Markdown blog host.

I haven’t been digging much yet, so this post will just contain some notes.

So far I have only been looking at Github Pages as host and perhaps Jekyll as webapp. Rohoh also seems to be a fine alternative to Jekyll.

Pelican is #1 on Slant.

Hexo is #9 and 2nd written in JS. One click publish to GitHub Pages and lots of templates.

@joepie91 has created a WordPress blog converter and a RSS feeder.

But can I publish only drafts and private? Can I tag with many tags?

Yes if I only want to publish private I can push only the MD branch (I call it pelican).

And tags, I can have as many as I want.

I have moved to – at time of writing it is running Pelican – much setup for Windows, but good result.


The End.

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