MS Tech Summit CPH 2017

Notes from #MSTechSummit Cph 2017 of the bits that I had the chance to see.


All Events and labs

Events I might watch later

Events I visited

Thursday march 30th

Visited Events


Friday march 31th

Typescript BRK3361

Can write desktop apps like vs code using electron
Also in npm

Tsc -init

Npm next of typescript gets you latest lang

Discover null and undefineds
In config write strictnull
Is union type or

Webpack auto compiles
Npm start

Vue.js angular

React Jsx markup
Can goto code from markup

Dicriminated uniontypes

Npm install jquery
Npm install loadash
Testing vs code shows types

Testing errors in a none ts code just js
Checkjs in config

Tsserver talk json to plugin in editors

Redmonk rankings

OpenShift BRK2341 (BRK3236)

OpenShift Containerplatform is PaaS manager.
Like Heroku, but OpenSource and for Azure instead of AWS
SlidesGuide 1, Guide 2, Troubleshoot.
PreReq: AzureCli for managing Azure resources. See slides above.

Using MiniShift you can develop using OpenShift locally.
MiniShift uses OpenShift App Platform for running an single-node OpenShift cluster in a VM – GetStarted.

The app platform contains OpenShift-infra
Fluent d picks up logs from containers
Can run on different IaaS clouds e.g.

Code virus to kill servers so you code for scalability

Containers are not tied to vms. dns service

Dev: create proj w net core into own segmented network
Templates containes what is in containers

Browse for eg sql server to deploy
Add envir vars
Use shell to verify

Demo set up 3 envirs in 3 networks
Also jenkins is added
Pipeline build and can be run
Scripted into 55 lines of code

Replication conroller starts up container if the last dies
See img. If cpu hits 60% then scale to 3 cores

Service discovery framework

Pod is atomic unit in kubernetes

Gui, cmsline goes via rest api

In (OpenShift?) clusters there must be at least 100 ms from master.

Here is a blog from 2013 I wrote to compare different cloud providers and managers.
Since then containers has entered the scene being lightweight VM’s.
From that blog you see that in 2013 there were many other PaaS managers than OpenShift:

  • CloudFoundry
  • OpenStack based managers e.g. Cloudify and OpenShift
  • CloudBees based managers e.g. jClouds
  • dotCloud

I have not been updated on the other managers, but with the limited knowledge I have the advantage OpenShift Containerplatform brings to the scene is that it is opensource and you can relatively easy modify it to deliver a one-click-company based on some templates you can create.
OpenShift also delivers two hosted versions of the manager:

  • OpenShift Online – just like Heroku
  • OpenShift Dedicated – OpensShift served by OpenShift, HW hosted by AWS or GCS – for enterprises not wanting to serve a OpenShift cluster.


Azure network BRK3237

Different net in vm for accellerated netw
Must be turned on
Sw virtual switch is moved to hw netw card
30 micro sec

Virtual datacenter:
Virtual netw w subnets
Firewall routes, routings
Ps resolve-dns use local dns
Use network watcher to monitor
Changed security rule. Img

Network watcher – packet capture to debug ssl problems
Stores std wireshark files. Requires agent installed as watcher extension

Vnet peering to enable netw to talk to each other and be refactored to share resources

Lb 3 options. Img
Traffic mgr: is dns based. Find or allow region
Azure lb: l4 img
Azure app gw: l7. full proxy img
Can be used as webapp fw img

Vpn 3 options. Img
P2s for home vpn
S2s for join offices
Wan expressroute not via internet
Er gives also access to none azure like o365

Bgp for redundancy s2s
Active active gws

35 connect to expressroute

Serverless functions BRK2250

Pubsub as erlang workers

Only api conern. Not cpu. Autoscale?
Seconds charge

Write in
C# – csx

Integrate w logic apps

Abstract away microsvc interface
Via bindings in cfg

Find under compute

Func apps require storage account

Starting w templates
Opens ide
Click get func to get api addr

Funcs sit
On top of app svc and Webjobs sdk

3 options for exec/trigger
Svc event eg Queues, storage
Ext trigged. Web hook

Copy files from dropbox
Use cognitive service to crop img part w people and position several according direction

Edit in vs 2015 or vs code

Pubsub sample for chaining funcs
Req in producer is put in queue and picked up by consumer

Functions cli. Only for windows
Func run –debug

In gihub

Can develop offline w storage also local where funcs perhaps are in cli

Dedicated. When you already have vms. You must scale
Consumption. On cpu mem and time and storage
Check with price calculator

The End

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