System SW Architecture

Last updated: 2017-05-02

This blog contains some info useful for System SW Architecture.

Types of Process Frameworks

System SW Architecture (SA) is one of many types of process frameworks.

In this blog I am dealing with process frameworks of the following kinds:

  1. Enterprise Architecture (EA). Is an umbrella architecture going cross the other architectures.
  2. Business Architecture (BA). Also called
    • Business Capability Management
  3. Information Architecture (IA). Contain IT Data models
  4. System SW Architecture (SA). Contain IT systems. Also called:
    • Solution Development Method
  5. Technology Architecture (TA). Contain IT Infrastructure.
  6. Operations Management (OM). Also called:
    • Service Management
  7. Project Management (PM)

The architectures provides input from 1. EA downwards to 6. OM (P1-23).
They also interact (P1-12, P2-27).

Architecture Frameworks (AF)

The Architecture Frameworks from ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010:2011 (revision of IEEE Std 1471:2000) includes (among a lot of others):

Some frameworks/methods not in ISO 42010:

Architecture Framework Processes, Activities and Views

  • The frameworks all have some Processes. Also called:
    • Method = Process model = Life Cycle Model
  • The processes are divided into Phases.
  • The phases have some Activities.
  • Some of the activities is to produce Views.
  • The views are gathered into an Architecture Description (AD).


Software Processes

Many SW processes was made prior to or independent of ISO42010. A good common source of information is Software development processes.

  • Rational RUP
  • Microsoft MSF
  • Martin/Tate
  • Burdman
  • PMI
  • Adaptive SW Dev. (ASD)
  • Dynamic System Dev. Method (DSDM)
  • Chrystal
  • Lean SW Dev (LSD)
  • Agile Modelling (AM)
  • Agile Unified Process (AUP)
  • ISO/IEC 12207 SW life cycle processes


The phases of all the processes can be mapped, so they can be compared.

Process 0. Principles 1. Strategy 2. Design 3. Construct 4. Transistion 5. Operation 6. Improvement
Output Vision
(Shopping list)
Put Into service Help Desk Better Quality
OM ITIL Strategy Design Transistion Operation Improvement
EA TOGAF Prelim A. Vision B. Biz Arch
C. Systems Arch
D. Tech Arch
E. Opportunities
F. Migration
G. Governance
H. Change
EA OIO Y. Principper A. Strategi B. Forretning
C. Teknik
D. Gap
E. Forandring
Y3. Styring
 Y6. Drift
Acquisition Supply Development Operation
SA RUP Inception Elaboration Construction Transistion
SA MSF Envisioning Planning Developing Deployment
SA MT, PMI Initiation Planning Execution Close-out
SA Burdman Planning &
Design & Spec,
Production Testing

Specific Architecture Frameworks (AF)


RWSSA is a framework for IT systems.

It gathers following into an Architecture Description (AD):

RWSSA Phases Activities and Views




The end.

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