WordPress: Themes

For this developer blog I have had some requirements:

  • Full width – one column content
  • Relative small fonts
  • Background color in Preformatted paragraphs
  • Horizontal Scrolling in Preformatted paragraphs
  • Sidebar for shortcuts

It is quite difficult to find themes that looks nice.

So far i used to use


  • + uses full width except for a right sidebar
  • + small fonts
  • + h2 has a background bar which is usefull for section break
  • + categories for the post is put in the header
  • – looks very old-school
  • – no background color in preformatted
  • – some of the minor level headings are more left positioned than higher level headings


  • + looks a little github stylish
  • + preformatted has background color and border
  • – preformatted has linebreak instead of scrolling
  • – fixed width column, no sidebar
  • – sidebar is in footer
  • – too large font
  • – no appetizer (content before more-tag) on front page – only heading
  • – categories for the post is put in the footer

So I am still looking for a theme with the pros of both.

The end.

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