Online logo

I needed a logo without having to draw anything myself and without breaking copyrights.

Found this online logo service:

I changed the configuration accordingly:

--------------------- Default ---- New Value
Image Size:           350          800
Shape:                             Circle
Sticker color 1:      C0C0C0       B8860B
Sticker color 2:      FFFFFF       FFDF00
Sticker color 3:      A0A0A0       B8860B
Logo Offset Y:        0            90
Logo color 1:         90D0FF       f00
Logo color 2:         002040       400000
Logo color 3:         90D0FF       ff9090
Logo contour color:   004080       800000
Draw paper fold:      Yes          No
Get as a transparent: No           Yes

Default logo:


New logo:


The color codes for gold I found by googling.

There was a litte trick to change the from the blue colors to the red:


  • Moved the vertical bar from blue to red (up)
  • Moved the dot in the square from light-red to red (right)
  • That gave the new color code.


  • Same procedure I used for the other two red gradients.

The reason for chosing the larger size is that I don’t get to download a vectorgraphic file, so by using the larger size I could have the best quality and then scale down later.

The reason to move up the image was to make space for some text.

P2P also has a service for adding text in a circle to an image on

--------------------- Default ---- New Value
Text color 1:                      000
Text color 2:                      FFFF00
Text color 3:                      CC0000
Text Layout:                       Circle down
Adjust text position:              Yes
Vertical adjust:                   30 px
Font size:                         70
Font:                              Gorilla Milkshake

The End.

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