VS: Xml transforms with SlowCheetah

In ASP.NET projects you can tranform Web.config files out-of-the-box in VisualStudio.

When you want app.config files and .xml files transformed in the same manner you can use SlowCheetah.

First download and install the SlowCheetah.vsix.

Then VS – Tools – Extensions and Updates:


Now you can add files under App.config and preview transformation changes.

Next you can add this pkg to your projects:
– Rightclick refs – Manage Nuget pkg’s – search online for SlowCheetah


Now you can build your project with the transforms included.

Then end


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  1. If you have problems with xml tranforms not being done, then have a look at the sample from https://github.com/sayedihashimi/slow-cheetah/issues/171

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