EPiServer: AccessDenied to language, if language role missing

If you in EPiServer 7.x have activated multiple languages via
then you can restrict who can edit each language in GUI by removing everyone and add some other group:

Restrict editors to language

If you want to restrict who can read, then you can issue an AccessDeniedDelegate after checking permissions in DeniedAccessToAuthenticatedWithoutRoleForCountry()

    //From http://www.epinova.no/blog/tarjei-olsen/dates/2012/12/handling-page-access-denied-scenarios-in-episerver-cms-7-mvc/
    private void CheckAccess()
        if (DeniedAccessToAuthenticatedWithoutRoleForCountry())
        if (CurrentPage.QueryAccess().HasFlag(AccessLevel.Read))

    private bool DeniedAccessToAuthenticatedWithoutRoleForCountry()
        string siteCountry = CurrentPage.LanguageBranch;
        var currUser = System.Web.HttpContext.Current.User;
        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(siteCountry) && currUser.Identity.IsAuthenticated)
            string requiredRole = Country.SiteToRole(siteCountry);
            bool hasUserRequiredRole = currUser.IsInRole(requiredRole);
            if (!hasUserRequiredRole)
                return true;
        return false;

    private void ServeAccessDenied()
            new AccessDeniedException(CurrentPage.ContentLink));

        AccessDeniedDelegate accessDenied 
            = DefaultAccessDeniedHandler.CreateAccessDeniedDelegate();

The End.


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