Convert Nokia VCF2.1 to iCloud VCF3.0

From an old Nokia E71 I needed to copy contacts to IOS7.

The IPhone was set to sync with iCloud, so the task would be to import the contacts to iCloud.

Problem: With iCloud I could not import the Nokia VCF2.1 format.


  • Export contacts:
    • With the Nokia USB connected to PC import the contacts to a folder named c:\contacts\ using Nokia Communication Centre.
  • Put contacts into one file:
  • Import combinedfile.vcf into gmail: 
    • Open your gmail contacts:
    • Press More – Import – Choose file combinedfile.vcf – Press Import
    • The contacts will be put in a new group named “Imported <date>”
  • Export the contacts into iCloud format:
    • Enter the group named “Imported <date>”
    • Press More – Export – Choose The group “Imported <date>” – Choose vCard format – Press Export
    • The contacts will be saved as \download\contacts.vcf
  • Import the contacts into iCloud

The End.


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