Cloud services

Last updated: 2018-03-04

HowTo become an iPaaS host?

Here is how CloudBees does Integration:

CloudBees Integration

CloudFoundry Run:

CloudFoundry Run

Cloud features

cloud features

cloud features

Portablilty – :-)

cloud portability

Cloud Stacks

Private Cloud stacks
Virtualized Environments
  • VmWare vSphere
SaaS Providers
  • Windows Azure Office365, Exchange, Lync, Live
  • Google Apps
  • SalesForce
  • Oracle Cloud
PaaS Providers – Managed VM’s with services
  • Google App Engine – Pub Semi-portable
  • AWS MarketPlace – Free for one year
    • Bitnami Cloud
      – Launch your favorite apps to the Amazon cloud (AWS) with a single click.
      – Add optional components to get exactly the environment you want.
      – All of the integration and configuration work is done for you
  • Windows Azure Compute – Pub Semi-portable
  • Force – Pub Non-portable
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Heroku – Pub Portable
    Dev: Ruby, Node, Python, Java, Clojure, Scala
    Svc: RabbitMQ, Cloudant, Redis, Neo4j, MongoHQ, SendGrid, Solr +
    – Price: Free
  • EngineYard – Pub Portable
    – Dev: Ruby, PHP, Node
PaaS Managers – Managed VM’s with services
PaaS Providers – Unmanaged VM’s
  •  Apprenda – Pub&Priv – .NET, Java – good for regular apps.
IaaS Providers – Unmanaged VM’s
IaaS Managers
Hosting OS‘s – for IaaS


  • Public: Multi tenant
  • Private: Single tenant
  • Hybrid: VPN connection between above
Cloud integration

Thought: DreamFactory can provide rolesmanagement and distribution for subscribing apps (eg Drupal). DreamFactory can then provide routing to the app’s dedicated RabbitMQ (one per company).

Cloud Reseller
  • JustCloud – like o365 storage reselling
  • Rackspace – “build an application and attach it to our infrastructure” – public, private and hybrid cloud
Webhotel Reseller

cloud pricing

App builders – might be SaaS starters


Cloud iDrives



The End


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