D7 Recipe: Installing a custom Drupal installation profile / distribution / starter kit

This is a Drupal7 recipe for using a Drupal Distribution. As an example is used TB Mollise installation profile.
I am here installing onto domain vejviserne.dk, but of course you should replace that and similar settings with your own preferences.

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  • Download gz file  from https://drupal.org/project/tb_mollise_starter. Current version is http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/tb_mollise_starter-7.x-1.0-beta1.tar.gz
  • Upload gz file to your webhotel. I upload to /tar-upload/
  • Extract gz. It makes folder /tar-upload/tb_mollise_starter
  • Create folder /public_html2/vv_dpstarters
  • Create subdomain drupalstarters.vejviserne.dk with root: /public_html2/vv_dpstarters
  • Create DB vejviser_dp7mol1
  • Create and grant user vejviser_st** full access to DB
  • Move folder /tar-upload/tb_mollise_starter to /public_html2/vv_dpstarters
  • Install http://drupalstarters.vejviserne.dk/tb_mollise_starter/install.php
    • Choose profile: ThemeBrain
    • Choose language: If you need other than English then use module l10n_update after install
    • Database data: Use the ones from above. For my host I need to add from Advanced:
      • DB host: //host specific
      • DB port: //host specific
      • DB prefix: d7_ //should I ever want to add other webapps like CRM in same DB, then I would know which tables belongs to Drupal
    • Configure site:
      • Name: TB Mollise Starter
      • Email from: from@yoursite.xx
      • Admin Username: youradmin
      • Admin Email: admin@yoursite.xx
      • Psw: ****
  • Your site is now online. Press logout, so you can test login via http://drupalstarters.vejviserne.dk/tb_mollise_starter/user/login
  • (Optional) Install your local language via module l10n_update. Goto admin/modules.
    • Press “Install new module”
    • Install from url: http://ftp.drupal.org/files/projects/l10n_update-7.x-1.0-beta3.tar.gz
    • Press: “Enable newly added modules”
    • Browse down to and select “MULTILINGUAL – Localization update”
    • Save
    • Next goto admin/config/regional/language
    • Press “Add language”
    • Select your language – this takes a while to download strings
    • Select your language as Default
    • Save – now your language changes. Yak – I wish all people could just live with English – it is difficult to find help in a localized system.
  • You also need to do security cleanup according to 4.c in Install.txt:
    • (4.c) Verify that folder public_html2/vv_dpstarters/tb_mollise_starter/sites/default is write protected (0555)
    • (4.c) Verify that file public_html2/vv_dpstarters/tb_mollise_starter/sites/default/settings.php is write protected (0444)
    • (7) Remove write and read access to file public_html2/vv_dpstarters/tb_mollise_starter/CHANGELOG.txt (0044)
    • (Optionally) goto admin/config/people/accounts and allow only admins to be able to register accounts
  • Now might also be a good time to make a backup using e.g. xcloner, which then could be your base for another site.

The End.


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