Online diagrams

I was looking for an online replacement Visio for creating diagrams online for blogs.

I was delighted to find Draw.Io. It has a lot of great features for integration with other products

  • When you connect with your Google account, then diagrams are automatically saved to your Google drive.
  • There is a Google App plugin that makes the diagram in Google drive open into
  • When the diagram is re-opened in, then
    • “File – Share” lets you directly access the Google drive sharing functionality
    • “File – Export” lets you save the diagram as PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG, GIF and its own XML format. The XML is possible to import again and that is the format that is stored in your Google drive.
      In MS Word you can do: Import – Object – Adobe PDFXML – select the PDF file.
      Here is a png:
      Exported PNG
    • “File – Embed” lets you embed the diagram via a div and JavaScript. Unfortunately this blog does not seem to let me do that.
    • Connection points on a selected shape lets connection arrows snap to the shapes – see the top rectangle:

Draw.Io editor

    • There is a shape you can use for HTML: Mockup Text – Table. Double click – Html. You can put a lot of other html than a table. It will remove some formatting and style tags. Still – it gives you more control of you text than the other text boxes. You can add links and images.
      • Note: You can apply some styling for the whole shape in Format – Style.
      • A little online helper utility: RTF to HTML. (Tip: Copy code to WordPad, save as RTF then convert to Html – then the indenting and colors will be remained in the HTML).
    • A javascript lib mxGraph is downloadable, so it can be included in your own HTML5 app for displaying your XML files.

That is probably all I need. – did you know?

Here is a list of 5 other alternatives

The End


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