FireFoxOs – First touch

I noticed somewhere that FireFox now has made a mobile OS called FireFoxOs.

The FireFoxOs can be installed on some devices – not sure which. Of course it is free like other OpenSource.

You code in html/js, so maybe this would be a great base app for the other OS’s? Thinking:

  • Develop a Mozilla App for FFOS.
  • For the other platforms: Make use of hybrid apps where a device’s app hosts a browser, that calls out to the app in order to get device specific services, if they are not available through html 5.

FF Simulator

Start with the Firefox OS Simulator.
For Windows you download a xpi-file, that requires FireFox installed. In FF goto Add-ons – Install from file – Install. If a popup tells you that a script is slow, then just let the script run until it completes.

In the browser you start the Simulator from this url: resource://r2d2b2g-at-mozilla-dot-org/r2d2b2g/data/content/index.html

FFOs Sim Dashboard

Here is the Help screen:

  • See the Firefox Marketplace Developer Hub for docs on designing, building, and publishing your app.
  • Also note these useful keyboard shortcuts (with Mac equivalents) that simulate device buttons in the Simulator:
    • Home key (Fn + LeftArrow on Mac): Home Button
    • End key (Fn + RightArrow on Mac): Power Button
    • PageUp/PageDown keys (Fn + UpArrow/DownArrow on Mac): Volume Up/Down buttons
  • If you think you found a bug in the Simulator, please let us know by reporting it in our issue tracker! Include your platform (Windows, Mac, Linux), the version of Firefox you’re using, and the version of the Simulator (which you can find in Firefox’s list of add-ons).

When you click on the button in the left pane – switch to Running, then the simulator starts up.

Here are 5 screens from its desktop:

FFSimulatorLoginFF Simulator HomeFF Simulator 1FF Simulator 3FF Simulator 4

First App

Next try out the QuickStart app.


The End.


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