Cross Platform Phone Apps – what choices?

Last updated: 2013-11-29

With the demand of mobile friendly apps I needed to show what pros and cons there are with different choices.

On the top of the iceberg we have three categories

  1. Web apps running in a browser
    • ASP.NET MVC (C#, Js), PHP, Ruby etc.
  2. Native apps with an intermediate common language/build step
  3. Native apps
    • WP (C#, VB, C++), Android (Java), IOS (Objective-c) etc
    • IdeaBlade DevForce Windows Store (C#) – WinStore, WP8, Desktop.

On this level we have a line, where

  • 1 (Web apps): Needs Internet, Servers all platforms including laptops, Little platform functionality – limited by browser and html 5, Common design, Stateless apps – each page must be fetched from a server
  • 3 (Native apps): Internet not needed, One app for each platform, Full platform functionality, Platform specific design, State-full apps, Deploy-able from Store.
  • 2: Somewhere in the middle of those over.


When you dig deeper there are additional considerations

Tip for for having common code for webapp and native app:


The End


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