Garmin 305 – display misbehaving

My old Garmin 305 GPS wristwatch has recently started to misbehave.

  • The sound, when turning on the device has almost disappeared.
  • Display sometimes shows nothing or just some pixels.

After charging it once again, I wondered if it could be reset somehow.

By holding simultaneously Mode + Lap/Rest + Power, then it should be reset. Sorry not. Didn’t help.

Then next thing was to install Garmin WebUpdater. This delete the Garmin sw and re-install a new version. If this process fails, your device is lost, I could imagine, so it is very important that your PC runs on power-cord, so it does not loose power and also internet needs to be reliable and not the least – the Garmin has to be fully charged.

Since I had nothing to loose, it was just to try it out. Executing WebUpdater did not show a device, even though I had the Garmin plugged in and even though I pressed the “Find Device” button in WebUpdater. Re-plugging Garmin made it possible to connect.

The wizard only needed a few “Next” pressings before the new version became installed. It took maybe a couple of minutes. After that the device was working fine again except for the sound. It  was still almost unhearable even with the ear very close to the device.

The end


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