WinRT Powershell scripts

A post for WinRT scripts


#WinRT app uninstall script
#Print all deployed winrt apps

#Print all deployed winrt apps with a name containing MyAppName
get-appxpackage -Name:"*MyAppName*"
#same as
#get-appxpackage | Where-Object {$_.Name -like "*MyAppName*"}

#Uninstall a certain app
#Remove-appxpackage 11333MyPublisherDisplayName.MyAppName_0.1.0.0_neutral__ha21hqwertyui

#Uninstall all apps with a certain name
get-appxpackage -Name:"*MyAppName*" | Remove-appxpackage 

Technet: How to Add and Remove Apps

Deployment troubleshooting

The End.


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