Drupal – Modules

Updated: 2014-05-15

With this post I want to keep a list of Drupal Modules, Themes and Distributions, that I might find useful or already use.

Maybe it will develop to include recepies??


  1. Panopoly – Panels
    1. Radix (Base theme) – Responsive Panels
      1. Can use themes from BootSwatch
      2. Open Atrium – distribution for Intranet. Includes LDAP interface. eBook. Post.
      3. Restaurant. Themes: Radix, Plate, Sizzle
      4. Open Academy
  2. ERPAL – ERP/CRM – in alpha
  3. RedHen Demo – CRM
  4. Commerce Kickstart – eCommerse
  5. TeleKonsum – eCommerce
  6. Open Deals – Udsalg
  7. Open Hotel
  8. Drupalife StoreResponsive (incl. menu)
  9. TB Sirate Starter – Responsive – picture menu below carousselTB Sirate Starter
  10. TB Events
  11. TB Blog Starter
  12. TB Rave – Portal with Forum, News
  13. TB Methys – Magazine
  14. TB Purity – ResponsiveTB Purity
  15. TB Neris – Picture Menu TB Neris
  16. TB Mollise – Blog – Not responsiveTB Mollise
  17. TB Hadelis – For designersTB Hadelis
  18. TB Palicico TB Palicico
  19. OnePage
  20. Flight – Context and Display Suite
  21. ELMS – using Style Library
  22. Training
  23. Opigno LMS – eLearning
  24. ELMS Cource Info – eLearning
  25. Drupal Commons – communities
  26. Open Enterprise – “App server”
  27. Open Folio – Galleries Open Folio
  28. Recruiter
  29. Cartaro – Geo data
  30. Mobile AugmentedReality
  31. Drop Jobs
  32. TouchPro Demo – Responsive
  33. OpenMusicFestival
  34. DruStack – for devlopers
  35. Profiler Example – showing distribution building
  36. PushTape Music – For musicians
  37. Async Drupal – Node.Js integration


Modules ordered in categories

  1. Zend API

Authentication Protocols

  1. OAuth API – used by web services (1) and OAuth clients (2)
  2. OAuth Client – login via external ID provider
  3. Zend WIF API (WIF – previously InfoCard)
  4. https://drupal.org/project/simple_ldap – LDAP interface


  1. Web Service Server (Services)DocumentationVid. Services can be protected by OAuth.
  2. Views Datasource server
  3. Web Service ClientGuide.
  4. DrupalGap client

Data Services

  1. OData ServerVid.
  2. OData ClientTutorial.
  3. Zend GData API – Vid.
  4. Zend GData Client


  1. AddThis
  2. AddToAny
  3. Social Share
  4. Share42
  5. ServiceLinks
  6. ShareThis






  1. TB xxx – one for each TB distribution above
  2. Radix – Base for Open Atrium, Restaurant, Open Academy. Not OK in D8, yet.
    1. BootswatchHowTo – Done – Chat

Theme browsers

Theme generators

I will have to look into http://www.artisteer.com/. It is a tool for creating themes for popular CMS’s like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, DotNetNuke etc.

But it is also a directory, where you choose a theme that you can download and customize with the tool.

I will try out working with the Sportiva theme. Focus will be on large photos only with headings for a restaurant site. It is much like Blue Masters.

Many professional themes are not free, but here is a blog about some very nice free drupal themes.

The Glossy theme with large photos (with slideshow?) on top of the page with text overlay is a nice feature, but that theme is not free.

Here is a Chinese restaurant for inspiration.






Creating a Starter-Kit: http://drupal.org/node/1372400

Integrations / External API’s / Services

  • BigBlueButton //Like Skype – Video Conference, desktop sharing etc.

More to come …

The End


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