SP2010, MVVM and Silverlight 5

With this post I work on integration SP2010 with Silverlight 5, Prism 4.1 and MVVM.

Getting your developmant environment up to date with SL5

Integrate SL5 into SP2010

  • Create a SP SiteCollection via CA or reuse one where you are SiteColl Admin
    • Add http://sl5spdemo.example.xx to your hosts file or DNS.
    • From CentralAdmin Create a Sharepoint Webapplication (if you are not reusing one) e.g. http://sl5spdemo.example.xx
      • Port: 80
      • Host Header: sl5spdemo.example.xx
      • Create new Application Pool: SharePoint – sl5spdemo.example.xx80
      • AppPool user: example\SPAppPoolAcc (or whatever is your preference)
      • Database: WSS_Content_sl5spdemo80
    • Click the Create Site Collection link
      • Title: SL5 Root
      • Template: Team site (this includes “Shared Documents” DocLib)
      • SiteColl admin: example\<your-userid>
    • Test by going to http://sl5spdemo.example.xx
  • Connect VS2010 to the SiteColl
  • Create a SL5 app
    • In VS – New – Project – Silverlight – Silverlight App –  Name: SL5Demo1
    • Uncheck “Host the SL App in a new web site”. We want to use a simple Html page as host. VS wilk dynamicly make one, when debugging.
  • Test the app with “F5”. An empty page appears hosted by \SL5Demo1\SL5Demo1\Bin\Debug\SL5Demo1TestPage.html
  • Let us play TV cooks and start with the BasicMVVMQuickStart.
    • Open that project and set BasicMVVMApp as the startup project.
    • Test run the app with “F5”. You now have a basic MVVM sample. You can use any other QuickStart from Prism4.1 if you like.
    • The SL RIA file will be located in \Prism41\Quickstarts\BasicMVVM\BasicMVVMApp\Bin\Debug\BasicMVVMApp.xap
  • Add a SL RIA to SP as a Shared Document
  • !

Adding SL to ASP.NET


The End


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