Windows 8 in VMware Player

So finally got Windows 8 Preview x64 working in VMware 4.0.4.

It was not without trouble though.

Solution came from LoneBagel on

  • Do first create a new image, but choose to install the OS later.
  • Select profile Windows 7 x64
  • Optionally increase memory to 2048 MB

Booting VMWare empty image

  • Boot the image and press Change CD/DVD Stttings

Select .iso file for boot media

  • Browse to the .iso file you downloaded – Press OK and press Restart VM on previous screen.

Installing Windows 8

  • Voila – Windows can access Internet and install without problems.
    During installation I chose to use my Live ID as logon.


  • I got some problems with 100% disk IO running pretty often. I did two things for that:
    • I turned off the Windows Service Optimize Drives both in the guest and the host by changing its startup from Manual to Disabled. In Resource Monitor on the guest I saw it running as “svchost.exe (defragsvc)”. Should that not be sufficient read more here.
    • Configured the virus scanner (AVG in my case) in the host to not scan the folder, where the guest image is located

VMWare Player


The End


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