Drupal .dk hosting at meebox.net

– An attempt to get Drupal to work with meebox.net.

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Set up domain

  1. Find a free .dk domain name. E.g. “testing1.dk”.
  2. Order a webhotel at meebox.
    1. Enter https://my.meebox.net/cart.php?pid=5&skip=1&language=English
    2. Select choise “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers”
    3. Enter your domain.
    4. You will recive a mail “The informations for your webhotel”. You will need the name servers from it next.
  3. Order the domain.
    For a .dk domain dandomain is a cheap registor, that has no extra yearly fees, when you use your own provided DNS (in this case by meebox).

    1. Enter http://www.dandomain.dk/produkter/domain.html
    2. Enter a domain. E.g. “testing1.dk”.
    3. Advanced settings – other name servers (use ping to get the IP adresses. E.g. ping ns1.meebox.net):
      • ns1.meebox.net (
      • ns2.meebox.net (
  4. At dk-hostmaster activate your domain.
    1. Check your mailbox. You should have received a email with a userid for your domain administration.
    2. Enter https://www.dk-hostmaster.dk/index.php?id=6&area=aktiver
    3. Activate your domain.
    4. Wait several hours before dns tranfer will be enabled for your domain

Enter content in web

  1. Enter a test page.
    1. At meebox enter cPanel. In email you will have received a link similar to this https://web55.meebox.net:55555/. Also a userid and password is there.
    2. Goto Files – File manager
    3. Choose Www Root (/public_html/www)
    4. Create the file /public_html/index.html
    5. Edit the file enter “hello”
    6. Browse to your page: http://testing1.dk/index.html

Create a 1-click drupal site

  1. Create a subdomain.
    1. Enter cPanel – Domains – Subdomains
    2. Enter subdomain. E.g. dp1clck.
      This creates the folder /public_html/dp1clck
  2. Create a 1-click drupal site for test.
    1. Enter cPanel – home.
    2. Click “1-click-install”.
    3. Select Drupal (is 7.14 at point of writing)
    4. Press Install
      • Domain: dp1clck.testing1.dk
      • DB name: dp1clck
      • Site Name: My Drupal 1clck
      • Table Prefix: dp1clck_
      • Admin user: admin
      • Admin psw: pass
      • Admin email: …..
    5. Response:
      Drupal has been successfully installed at :
      Administrative URL : http://dp1clck.testing1.dk/drupal/?q=admin



The End.


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