Upgrading MOSS07 WSPBuilder sln to SP2010 sln

Your old MOSS/WSS sln build using WSPBuilder can be converted to a SP2010 project using VS2010 Project template

  • Download and install http://cksdev.codeplex.com/
  • You will need a SiteColl to use for debug your converted solution:
    • Create a DNS entry for the hostheader e.g. myapp.mycom.eu
    • Create a WebApp e.g. http://myapp.mycom.eu:80
    • Create a SiteColl e.g. just the root: “/”.
  • Start Visual Studio 2010 as administrator (right clik – run as admin).
  • Create a target solution – an Empty Solution – found under Other Project Types – Visual Studio Solutions. Choose framework 3.5. Create it in another path than the MOSS solution.
  • Convert a MOSS project by adding a new SharePoint 2010 project Import WSPBuilder Project (from CKSDev).
    • Enter site http://myapp.mycom.eu/ and press validate
    • Enter path to the corresponding MOSS project (source)
    • If convertion fails then remove the project from the target solution and delete the created project folder and try again after fixing something.
  • xx



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