Hw: Touch Screen, Accelerometer and other devices

Inspired by Thomas Martinsen, a dk Silverlight guru, this post collects a few ideas about the less used user interfaces in the PC world, but easily obtainable in the mobile world.

Having six devices to code towards in mind:

  1. Touch Screen
  2. Accelerometer
  3. Bluetooth
  4. RFID
  5. GPS
  6. SMS

Many cell phones has all 6 pieces of HW included. So if you developed mobile services that could expose the HW facilities to a client PC (connected either through mini-USB, old fashioned serial, wlan or bluetooth), then you would get enormous application possiblities.

I blogged about Accelerometer, RFID and SMS usage before. At that post the accelerometer was a Wii NunChuck . Nowadays the accelerometer is build into the mobile phone and API’s has emerged.

WinMo 6.5 SDK was removed last month. Maybe WinMo 7 SDK is what Microsoft developers should have to get API’s for the 6 devices?

Thomas has spoken about touch screen development towards a device from Microsoft called Surface. I wouln’t be surprised if he is experienced in  the field. Join the LinkeIn group.

Another keyword is Panel PC.

Currently I won’t collect more info, but I might return with an update to the post one day.

So for now you might just be inspired as well :-).

The End.


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