Sharepoint Saturday EMEA – KPI roll-up

Didn’t you meet up at Sharepoint Saturday EMEA?

Too bad – I still haven’t recovered fully yet.

Even though most of the presentations were in the SP2010 sign, some WSS30/MOSS2007 presentations could also blow you away.

One of them were KPI roll-up in SharePoint 2007 (WSS and MOSS) by Christophe Humbert. Get the Slides.

It is really cool how he uses the DataView WebPart to display numbers in a table (using html formatting) as Progress bar and Traffic light as here:

From the presentation a couple of noticeable things were taught:

– This app was build without code. Can be done by Biz people.

– An advance over Excel Services: Immediate update of calculated columns – not only snapshot instances.

Enjoy some grapped img’s from his demo:

BU1-Pgm11 - Collapsed

BU1-Pgm11 - Expanded



BU1-Pgm11-Projects-Html formatting



Before: Format as Text

After: Format as RichText

Neat trick.

The end.


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