SP2010 and Office2010 – My first preview

I must admit that I am impressed.

Going to Win 2008 R2, Exchanserver 2010, Office 2010 and SharePint 2010 alltogether really makes a difference. I am usually not easy impressed.

I’ve attended Campus Days 2010 in CPH – DK. The program was designed for IT Pro’s, but had great first view tracks and a lab, where you could try it all out.

The Lab

In the lab I made my first Visual Web Part. Goodbye to SmartPart and WSP Builder. Design your WebPart like you are used to in ASP.NET in a graphical designer and debug it it the same environment. Not hokus pokus tricks needed anymore. It works out of the box :-).
This was not what I got impressed by – It expected this from SP2010.

Well actually you would still like WSPBuilder2010, when you from VS2010 builds SP2007 packages. With the WSPBuilder2010 you can choose between builds to SP2007 and SP2010. As you might know the hive will be 12 for SP2007 and 14 for SP2010.

When we are at the webparts – a great new on is the Silverlight WebPart, that enables you to deploye your silverlight app into it like you can put an aspx page in an IFrame.

Developing Unified Communication Solutions

Yet a WOW for UE-05 session presented by Peter Lyck Ingerslev.

Unified Communication is about adding presence,  A/V, IM and mails into your apps or to code towards Exchange and Communicator.
He showed lots of great demos using the presence indicator you might know from Communicator or SharePoint, where you can see if your colleagues are online.
He invoked a speech server (called a BOT) from a contact list. You could reply to the server either by text or by voice and the server would repond accordingly. The code took a few minutes to create in WorkflowFoundation.

You can try yourself by starting off from the development environment described here by Chris Mayo.
Download VHD here.

Since I don’t have a x64 server yet for development, I got some tips for that too. Here are some tips for a server that does not cost more than approx EUR 500,- :

One should go for several disks, so each VHD can be put on separat disks. RAM, too, is important, but CPU is not.

Home Server

Now we are at the HW, why not think about a Windows Home Server?

The home server is an OS that gives you a server, where you can install max 10 clients PC’s as virtual images. And it gives you max 10 user accounts.
It gives you the answer to all the troubles with backing up ans restore. Both of the kids OS’s, that fast becomes virus filled and of the lots of pictures and vids you want to store a central place. But what about offline sychronisation? That might still be a manual task?

You can download a trial OS here.
From the download link it is shown that you are only allowed to install following client OS’s into it: Win 7, Win Vista, Win Xp SP2 +. I gues if you already have a Win 2008 Server in a VHD, then you might be able start that image.

I am not very much impressed – who wants to start up a host OS and then a Guest OS after? Myaby I haven’t caught the full idea yet?

Following is Draft/subject for change and More is to be added…..

A SharePoint site can be taken offline on your laptop by Groove, which now has been renamed to SharePoint WorkSpace. The changes you do offline can be synchronized back to the server later. Now imagine if your list is a business connection through BDC (now renamed) – then you have a synchronisation engine that enables to take your business data offline without coding – That is WOW.
The BDC is easy created through Sharepoint Designer 2010.

Sharepoint Governance slides by Anders B. Skjønaa.

– Office Web access – WOW

– Easy metadata tagging in Word


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