WSS30/MOSS07: Replace WebApp pool user

During a fault finding situation I ran into the problem where I wanted to replace the system account for the application pool for a WebApp.

(I got an “Service unavailable” error message when even the settings.aspx on the site was called, if I remember correct.) 

I succeeded to create a new web application user manually by doing following:

  1. In Windows Local Users & Groups: Create a new app pool user. Lets call him sp_proc_myapp1
  2. Put the new user into the groups WSS_WPG and IIS_WPG
  3. In SQL manager: Create a new SQL login for the new user and set the default db to wss_content_myapp1
  4. SQL login user mapping:
    • sp_adminContent_xxx: public, WSS_Content_AppPools
    • sp_Content: public, WSS_Content_AppPools
    • wss_content_xxx: public, db_owner
  5. Replace the user on the Application pool from the IIS manager

But instead of doing it manually like in the example above you can just use Central Admin to create a new web application and use the user from step 1 above as app pool user. Then Central Admin does the rest for you :-) and you only have to change app pool user in step 5.


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