MOSS07 Exam 70-542 App Dev

Just passed the Exam 70-542 Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 – Application Development.

Here is a short resume of that experience.

Here you can read about attending a certification exam.

The exam 70-542 were max 80 minutes long and there were 32 questions.

The questions were approximately divided into following subjects, though some overlapped:

  • Search: 7 questions
  • Infopath: 4
  • Excel: 5
  • User Profiles: 6
  • BDC: 6
  • Policies: 3
  • Content Deployment: 1

I had prepared by reading the Inside Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007 (ISBN: 9780735623682)

As you can see from the subjects above, you might be able to go easy on Chapter 6 Customizing and Branding Publishing Portals. I wouldn’t recommend that, since that chapter is extremly usefull.

The book does not cover all, unfortunately.

I think that reading a book from one end to the other is not at all the best way to learn. Next time I think I will read the preparation guide and learn/practice all the skils mentioned.

The easy part was to learn the free Demo Download of Pass4sure’s Q&A , which includes 10 questions. One question is regarding Content Deployment, so you don’t have to learn that from elsewhere.
The direct links are:

Note: the links above has been renamed from .com to .co to avoid too much spamming.

I can recommend to install all samples from the book, Inside MOSS 2007, execute them and study the code.
I started to blog about the samples, but I ran out of time to finish it before the exam (end of 2nd shot…).

I felt very bad prepared, but I guess that something must had stuck since there were so many lucky guesses :-). I didn’t find it easy at all.
Last time I had a feeling of “knowing the stuff”. This time the feeling was more like “familiar stuff”. I certainly need practice.

Good luck  to all of you out there – and have fun :-)

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The End


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