MOSS07: SSP and Search errors

In my development environment I get some errors with Moss Search and other SSP services once in a while – I haven’t found the cause, but a fix.

Test Cases

Test Case 1)

The search web service on the WebApp returns a blank page…
Blank search
… then reasons could be that no SiteColl is set up yet or there is something wrong with MOSS Search.

Test Case 2)

Entering SSP – User Profiles (http://dev-env-moss:11000/ssp/admin/_layouts/ProfMain.aspx) gives error:
An error has occurred while accessing the SQL Server database or the Office SharePoint Server Search service.
User Profiles Error

Test Case 3)

Entering SSP – Search Settings (http://dev-env-moss:11000/ssp/admin/_layouts/searchsspsettings.aspx) gives error:
The search service is currently offline.
Moss Search error

The Fix

You might need to stop the WSS search Windows service called Windows SharePoint Services Search
and restart the MOSS search Windows service called Office SharePoint Server Search:
Moss Search service

You could let a bat file restart the service:

net stop "Office SharePoint Server Search"
net start "Office SharePoint Server Search"


Response from Test Case 3 should now be:
SSP Search Settings

And Test Case 1 – the search web service on the WebApp returns nice wsdl:
SiteColl Search wsdl

The End.


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