WSS30/MOSS07: Cleanup VPC

So how do you cleanup your VPC for making it look like a clean MOSS07 machine?

In this way you retain the patches from automatic update and whatever utilities, personalisations and whatever else you have to do from scratch.
This might be faster, be possible to automate or at least just to make a checklist of like here:

  • Using Central Admin delete custom Web Applications (including Content Databases and IIS Webs by checking them off, too)
  • Using SPM07 (Sharepoint Manager 2007) :
    • Uninstall custom Feature Definitions
    • Delete custom ApplicationPools
    • Delete custom Servers
    • Delete custom Solutions 

This will leave you with something like:


  • Delete from 12Hive – anything made in 2009 and onwards – for instance:
    • 12\CONFIG\*trust.config
    • 12\CONFIG\Resources\*.la-tld.resx
    • 12\TEMPLATE\1033\XML //webtemp_*.xml
    • 12\TEMPLATE\ADMIN\<co m>\*.aspx
    • 12\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\<com>*\ //Delete the same features as you did with SPM07
    • 12\TEMPLATE\IMAGES\<system>\*.png
    • 12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\*.aspx
    • 12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033\*.*
    • 12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033\IMAGES\*.gif
    • 12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\<com>\*.*
    • 12\TEMPLATE\SiteTemplates\<system>\default.aspx
    • 12\TEMPLATE\SiteTemplates\<system>\XML\onet.xml
    • 12\TEMPLATE\XML\fldtypes_*.xml
    • 12\TEMPLATE\XML\<system>_WebManifest_TLD.xml
  • Restore
    • C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\11000\web.config
  • Delete IIS folders under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories:
    • except for 16998 (Central Admin), 11000 (SSP) )

This will leave you with something like this (SharePoint – admin is not needed):


Gathered in a table this leaves back:

Win Service SvcType WebApp / IisWeb / SpService URL Content DB Config DB
Windows SharePoint Services Administration WA / Ss SharePoint Central Administration v3 / Central Admin http://dev-env:10000/ SharePoint_AdminContent SharePoint_Config
  WA SSP – 11000 / SSP Administration http://dev-env:11000/ssp/admin/ WSS_SSP_Content SharePoint_SSP_DB
  IW Office Server Web Services http://dev-env:56737/    
Windows SharePoint Services Search Ss Windows SharePoint Services Search   WSS_Search_dev-env  
Office SharePoint Server Search Ss Office SharePoint Server Search   SharePoint_SSP_Search_DB  
  Ss Windows SharePoint Services Incoming E-Mail      
  Ss Windows SharePoint Services Outgoing E-Mail      
  Ss Windows SharePoint Services Web Application      
Office Document Conversions Launcher Service Ss Document Conversions Launcher Service      
Office Document Conversions Load Balancer Service Ss Document Conversions Load Balancer Service      
  Ss Excel Calculation Services      
Windows SharePoint Services Timer          
Windows SharePoint Services Tracing          
Windows SharePoint Services VSS Writer          
Microsoft Single Sign-on Service          
  WA SharePoint – 80 http://dev-env:80/ WSS_Content  

Where green font belongs to WSS and black font to MOSS

Abbreviations in the table:
SvcType – Service type, WA – WebApp, IW – IisWeb, Ss – SharePoint Service

  • Delete hosts from C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. Leave it with a minimum of entries or delete the Sharepoint WebApps you might have added:
    •       localhost
  • Uninstall custom assemblies from GAC (C:\WINDOWS\assembly).
  • Delete custom source code/projects/wsp’s
  • Delete custom shortcuts on desktop (most people have something to cleanup there).

Quite clean desktop

Might be more to add…

The end.


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