WSS3.0 Exam 70-541 App Dev

Just passed the Exam 70-541 Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 – Application Development a few day ago.

Here is a short resume of that experience.

Since this was my first Microsoft certification I’ll start about the “how is a Microsoft certification” part.

Before you scheduled your test you could get a Microsoft second shot voucher ID before the end of 2008 – update: June 30 2009. With this you could for free take a second test if you failed the first.

This voucher ID you could then enter on the prometric scheduling site, when you had found a date and a place. The prometric site does not confirm that it receives the voucher ID, but it does receive it, if it does not come out with an error on the place, where you are asked to enter a voucher ID.

Price at the Prometric site was 88 GBP

In Sweden the price was 1800 SEK (146 GBP)

In Denmark 1600 DKK (180 GBP)

No wonder that I chose to order through the prometric site… half price compared to going to the danish test center ordering page. Same physical place.

You sit in a class room with computers. Each student most likely is taking another exam than you are, so only in case students are taking the same exam it will matter where you sit in the room. You will be assigned a seat accordingly.

Nothing must be brought with you inside the examination room – no electronic equipment – no notes or books.

In case of the WSS exam there were some pre questions about what your level in the areas of WSS was at that time. This had nothing to do with your score, but should help to make the exam better. You got max 20 minutes for that which not included the exam time.

There were a number of questions in a computer test.
Some questions were multible choise – most often you should choose one out of four.
In other cases you should choose two out of four. In that case both had to be correct.

During the exam you should mark those question you were in doubt about with Mark for review. You would also have received a piece of paper, where you could write additional notes.

After finishing all questions you would choose to review those marked questions.

When you finished and closed the exam you would right away get the test result on the screen.

After the test, there were some evaluation questions about the exam facility provider.

Before you would leave, you would receive a certificate – if you passed.
This could be used to proove your result in case you didn’t receive a confirming email within the following weak – containing your MCP password.

In some case the computer could stop responding – you wouldn’t loose your answers – the PC should just restart and you could continue.

All students left before time – in this case around 15 students, so most people would have enough time.

The exam 70-541 were max 185 minutes long and there were 59 questions.

I had prepared by reading the adviced Inside Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Version 3.0 (ISBN: 9780735623200).
You can skip chapter 5 – Ajax web parts and you can skim the workflow chapter. The rest you will more or less have to know.
The book does not cover all, unfortunately.

The best advice is to check the preparation guide – at least the things you don’t know at all.

The easy part is to learn the free Demo Download of Pass4sure’s Q&A. The link to the C# Q&A’s is not correct, so obviously click the one a few words back.

Note: the links above has been renamed from .com to .co to avoid too much spamming.

In my case I took it too light with site definition stuff – there were many questions about CAML, deployment and site definitions. Don’t underestimate that.

I also recommend to install all samples from the book, execute them and study the code.
Here are the screenshots from the samples:

My colleague, Rakesh Moturi might supply a prep guide with answers. We were talking about making a Wiki or HowTo with those answers.

The Scrum master in my team, Erik Norström, did the MOSS test 70-542 at the same time.
This one was 35 questions in max. 90 minutes (or something close to that). He passed with almost max score in only 20 minuter – my hat off for that performance – tough guy.

Good luck to all you other students out there.


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