TFS 2008 test drive

At work I use TFS only for Source Control for .NET source code. Since TFS is much more I will in this post just get started looking a little around…

Firing up TFS

  • Connect to TFS:
    • Open up Visual Studio 2008
    • From the view menu choose Team Explorer
    • Connect to the TFS server on port 8080. In my case I do it locally on localhost
      Connect to TFS
  • Create a new Project:
    • RightClick your TFS server in Team Explorer
    • Create a New Team Project – follow the instructions in the wiz. In this case I used the MSF4Agile project template.
      Create new TFS Proj
  • Expand the project – DoubleClick Source Control in order to open the Source Control Explorer. It will be empty.
    MSF4Agile and SourceControlExpl

 I Might add more later…

Installing a new project templete

Since I just heard about Scrum at a seminar (hosted by by Ole Rich Henningsen (of, I wanted to install one of the templates he demoed.

Follow the link to find the presentation Of Scrum and TFS by Ole. It talks about sevaral different project templates and their pro and cons.

The Scrum for Team System (SfTS) can be downloaded from

When installing the template, you should RunAs the TFS system user.
There is also a consideration to be taken, if WSS is not on the same server as TFS. In that case a SfTS Site Template needs to be installed on those servers as well. Follow the installation guide.
Here is what it installs, when WSS is on the same server:
SfTS installation

You already saw how to create a new project within visual studio Team Explorer.
Now you can create a new project with the new template
Choose SfST template

In SP Central Admin you can (on the default web = port 80) see that each project creates a site collection
Project Site Collections

Now it should be easy to browse to their WSS pages

  • MSF for Agile project page
    MSF4A projectMSF Guidance
  • Scrum for Team System project page
    SfTS projectSfST Guidance

Notice the link to Project Guidance, that will get you started with defining your project.

Even easier is it to RightClick the project in Team Explorer  and choose Show Project Portal
Show Project Portal

As you might have noticed, the Scrum template installed a web on which you find a cool page that make a slideshow of the reports in a Scrum project:
Slide show report


You might want to change WorkItems such as PBI and SBI.

First you need to download TFS 2008 Power Tools. (Learn here with a video).
Some of the Power Tools requires Power Shell,
Power Shell required?
so if you choose to install Power shell, then you (in the installation of the Power Tools) must change a Power Shell Policy just by changing a wizard option from No to Yes. This applies to the version October 2008 of Power Tools.

Now your start menu is extended:
Power Tools on start menu

Then you need to locate the process template. that contains a whole lot of xml definitions



MSF C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server\TF Setup\
CMMI C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server\TF Setup\1033\
Scrum C:\Program Files\Conchango\Scrum for Team System\ProcessTemplate\

Search for ProcessTemplate.xml, if you have more installed.

To customize:

  1. Open ProcessTemplate.xml in Process Template Editor:
  2. Do the change
  3. Upload template
  4. Instanciate template

1. Open ProcessTemplate.xml in Process Template Editor

  • Make a back up of the files
  • Extract all the files from the zip file
  • In Visual Studio – Tools – Process Editor – Process Templates – Open

2. Do the change

  • When you select an area a custom editor will show
  • By selecting Sprint Backlog Item (SBI) you get:
    • Fields
      SBI Fields
    • Form editor
      SBI Form editor
    • Preview of Form
    • Workflow editor
      SBI Workflow Editor
    • Preview of XML  

3. Upload template

To be added

4. Instanciate template

To be added


The End



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  2. Hi Mufoxe – the “more” tag is a need I have myself. Sorry for not being able to please all.
    Maybe some readers has the option to show each full article.

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