VPC: HowTo optimize VPC

When you are using VPC’s, there are ways to optimize performance and enhance usage.

In Bios:

  • Create full isolation between VPC’s: In Bios: Enable Virtualization Technology.

In VPC Console:

  • Enable use of special chars like “{” by using AltGr: File – Options – Keyboard – Change AltGr to RightCtrl
  • Add RAM and increase memory amount allocated to the Virtual Machine: Select the VM – Settings – Memory – increase using the ruler, while the VM is shut down.

Each Virtual Machine:

  • Sync the HW of your PC with your image: With the VM open: Action – Install or update VM additions – Select C:\Program Files\Microsoft Virtual PC\Virtual Machine Additions\VMAdditions.iso

If your host is Win2k8 srv and the VPC is Hyper-V then use Remote Desktop as Client. Graphics update is faster and the look and feel is like when you are operating the production environment.

Link: http://blogs.msdn.com/Virtual_PC_Guy/

Thanx to Peter Karpinski

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Network to outer world does not work from inside VPC

Inside the VPC: Control Panel – Internet Options – LAN settings – select Automaticly detect settings and unselect Use auto config script.

On the host PC: Check that the installation of the VPC also installed Virtual Machine Network Service:

VM Network

Virtual Machine almost stops to respond

Problem: The VM seems to be ages of responding to mouse movements (or any events). This problem can be caused by having Explorer opened towards a shared drive on the PC and from the PC deleting a subdir on that shared drive. 


  • Stop the VM by shutting down the PC/server in the VM (using the close (X) of the VM)
  • Restart the VPC console
  • Start your VM again => now it should respond again. 

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