Cisco VPN Client maybes

If you also has a Cisco VPN Client V. you might have been anoyed about it quite often.

Get connected to VPN:

This is seldom a problem. I always start with a shutdown PC.
When I boot I can either connect to VPN before logging on or after logging on.

Usually I have to for the VPN client to appear before I logon (when I am not connecting to VPN first or sit inside the intranet). Otherwise windows sometimes stops! Yes – no further accepting input.

Breaking without moving:

If I hibernate the PC, it closes the VPN and the network.
When wakening the PC:

  • Ether Exit the running disconnected VPN by rightclicking the VPN in the notification area in the taskbar.
  • Or Reconnect to VPN. Network drives needs to be reconnected. Can be done just be selecting the drives in Explorer.

Disconnecting from VPN (wanting to keep the internet connection):

Before I disconnect then I can connect to Fixed Ethernet (If I was only on WLAN). Then I will keep Internet connection even though VPN is disconnected.

If I sit on only WLAN and disconnect then I also loose the internet connection! Rrrrr. (Maybe the above “exit VPN” will make a difference?)
After boot then connect to VPN before logon. This will fail since the internet connection is gone.
Now do logon. Magic: Hopefully Internet is back! 

Ignore the two suggestions above. Way to go is: Before disconnecting from VPN then use a browser and browse an internet site i.e.
While keeping the browser open do disconnect from VPN. Now you continuesly will be able to browse on the internet.

Good luck.


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