SQL: HowTo import new rows to a Domain table from a flat file


  • Domain table: A table with a function like an Enum in C#. In some cases it needs new lines, but never needs changes.
  • ImportTableTemp: a table that is a mirror of a flat file with only varchar as column types


  • Delete all rows from ImportTableTemp
  • Import rows to ImportTableTemp from a flat file

Now use the following join to add new rows from the flat file to the domain table.

Note: In this example the Domain table uses a varchar as ID.

Insert Into TargetDomainTable (ID, Name) -- targettable
Select Distinct IT.TTID, IT.TTName -- data from importtable
	From ImportTableTemp IT  -- importtable
	Left Outer Join TargetDomainTable TT On IT.TTID = TT.ID -- all rows from importtable
	Where TT.ID is NULL -- targettable has not data
	AND IT.TTID is not NULL -- importtable has data
	AND IT.TTID != '' -- importtable has data (optional - when TTID is a varchar)

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