WSS: HowTo use SharePoint Central Administration

SharePoint Central Administration (SPCA) is started from Start Menu – Admin Tools.


SPCA is a WSS site (see with WSS administrative functions as content. It is the GUI for STSADM.exe cmd line tool.

SPCA Main Pages

SPCA has three main pages:

  • Home (of type Site Page)
  • Operations (of type Admin Page)
  • Application Management (of type Admin Page)

Compare SPCA with a WSS Web App named Team Site and view its Home page (default.aspx):

Operations page (_admin/operations.aspx):

Application Management page (_admin/applications.aspx):

WSS All Site Content page

(_layouts/viewlsts.aspx) The Site Content is used in the rest of the pages (site pages, admin pages and app pages) in the site.

WSS Site Settings Page

The page has two less items than on a normal WSS site.


HowTo provision (create) a Site Collection:

SPCA – App Mgmt – SP Site Mgmt: Create Site Collection
=> Select Web App, Enter collection admins, Template. Press OK.


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