How to make Tables and Images in WordPress


I use copy – paste from MS Excel.

See what others are doing: 


  • Block diagrams: MS Visio. Save as png. Unfortunately WordPress don’t accept svg upload.
    After creation of the graphics then do: File – Page Setup – Paper size – Size to fit drawing content.
  • Further advanced vector graphic: Inkscape.
  • Raster images: Paint.NET. Good for adding an eclipse and a text to make a callout and to blur an area. Can also do layers.
  • Print screen: ImageShack – Quickshot or ScreenHunter.


Would have saved Visio as SVG, but cannot upload it to WP.

Then I uploaded them to

Found a nice place to share SVG on:

But I cannot show SVG in WP – the tags are removed:

Anyone with a good idea?


WordPress reserved:

[: [
: ‘
#: #

HTML Encoder and decoder:

HTML Encoded ASCII table:

HTML Encoded Latin table:

HTML Encoded symbol table:

URL Encoder and table:

The end


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