ZeeMaps – From addres list to map

http://www.zeemaps.com offers a way to show your address list as a map.

It can export a csv file with following fields:
Latitude,Longitude,Name,Street,City,State,Country,Zipcode,Color,Description,Email,Phone,Website,Photo URL

You can create a map by adding the ZeeMaps application to your Facebook account.


In this case you would also like to know how to enter the app on the ZeeMaps site. If you rightclick on “Refresh” command just above the map – properties – you can get an address like this: http://www.zeemaps.com/fb/main.jsp?group=63245

Now rewrite the address to http://www.zeemaps.com/63245 and you will have access to many more commands. From this address other moderators and viewers can also be allowed to access your map.

You would like to rename the map from Map-63245 to Yourname-Facebook map
And you would like to add an email address. Those two properties are edited under Advanced – Contact Email

Next you want to add a moderator and a member password. This is done under Advanced – Access Control
The members are the ones who can add new points / addresses to the map.

Finally you would like to know when moderators are adding points to your map. Set this under Advanced – Messages

Of course you are also able to create a map directly from http://www.zeemaps.com/


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